Community Information Searches

Your library catalog may include profile information about community organizations, events, and services, and you can search for community information just as you search for books and other materials.

Do a community keyword search

A community keyword search looks in the community profiles database for matches to your word or words (in any order).

1. Click Community Keyword on the Community menu.

2. Type the text to search for in the Search my community for box.

You can type a part of a word and use a wildcard character. The wildcard character asterisk (*) represents the rest of the word. For example, if you type boy*, you might find boy scouts and boys and girls clubs.

3. Select a search field from the Search by list:

Any Field - All the community profile information fields

Organization Name

Event Name


Address and contact person

Postal code



4. To limit your search, click an option in the Limit by list. For example, you may be able to limit your search to events or people.

5. Click Go. The search results list shows all the community records that matched your search. You can hover the cursor over the community icon to see more information, or click the record name to see more details.

Related Information

Map It - When you click an organization or event in your search results, the detailed information may include a Map It option. Click this option to see a map showing the location of the organization or event.

Do a community browse search

You can browse a community information index for items of interest. For example, you can type just the first few letters of an organization’s name and then browse the organization index.

1. Click Community Browse on the Community menu.

2. Select an index to browse in the Browse search for box (Organization Name, Event Name, Services, Subject).

3. Type a word or the first few letters of the word in the that begins with box.

4. Click Go.

The results list displays the index headings. Click <<Previous 10 Listings or Next 10 Listings>> to browse through the index.

5. Click a heading to see the organizations and events connected with the heading. To return to the headings list, click Return to list at the top of the page.