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New Books
A Christmas memory
Peppa loves to bake
A world of curiosities
The choice
The Whittiers : a novel
Hunting time
A wish for winter
The twist of a knife : a novel
Death by smoothie
The missing magic
The return
Oh, Sir Bragalot!
The great caper Caper
The perfect assassin
The stories we tell
Salt and sugar
The serpent in heaven
The second mother : a novel
Murder at Black Oaks
The last party
Amazing animal defense
Amazing animal electricity
Amazing animal healers
Amazing animal speed
Best friends
PAWS. 2, Mindy makes some space
Pea, Bee, & Jay. Gotta find Gramps
Last ride at Luna Park
Slime for dinner
The barrister and the letter of marque
Happily ever Amish
The giant awakes
If you could see the sun